So my text file was corrupted and I don't have time to write something right now. Please don't mind to simply listen to the tape for the moment and enjoy my crappy stories later. Btw. Don't forget to check our new shiny blog, if you are into this kind of music.

1.Looh – Mixcut
2.Unknown System – I am God
3.Air J – L'Enfer
4.Synthakt – Desert Sun
5.Limewax - Bangrything (Triamer & Nagato Duomix)
6.The Hard Way – Meatstick (Counterstrike Remix)
7.Sinister Souls - Snare Factory
8.Switch Technique & Ambassador21-Constant Contumacy
9.Outside Agency & Deathmachine - Just Noise
10.Micromakine - Space Explorer
11.Dimnet – Hades
12.Sei2ure - Opposition (175 VIP)
13.Gancher & Ruin – Detune
14.Synapse Sei2ure – Ghetto Kung Fu
15.Ruffneck & Micromakine – Statement
16.Djipe – Drop It
17.Khaoz Engine - Deception (Lebedev Remix)
18.Detest - The Hunter
19.Hardlogik & Syrinx - Remy LaCroix Boxing Day
20.Dolphin - Raiders Cap

    44:20   Detest - The Hunter
    51:00   Dolphin - Raiders Cap

    Drum & Bass, Crossbreed, Hardcore
    • Type: DJ-Set
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