Daniel Lesden has solidified his sound in recent years and is a name that is rapidly rising through the ranks and is certainly definitely respected by his peers. His music can best be described as atmospheric and melodic, but at same time dancefloor orientated Progressive PsyTrance influenced by his love of the universe and journey of discovery.

He has been meticulous in his preparations over the last year for his debut album ‘Chronicles Of The Universe’. Spending an immense amount of time researching and constructing new sounds, he has not only been able to tell a story about each of the amazing planets in our solar system, he has created a masterful piece of work.

To be given the nod from one of the most respected producers of the genre John 00 Fleming was a dream come true for Daniel and provides the credence his hard work deserves as he signed the album to JOOF Recordings. With some amazing reviews from his peers and fans alike ‘Chronicles Of The Universe’ may well be the launch pad that sends his career into another galaxy.

With a remix of John 00 Fleming’s forthcoming single already in the pipeline, as well as three new EP’s all to be released on J00F Recording in 2014 the backing of such a powerful label proves Daniel has something special and what can only be described as an explosive journey ahead of him.


  1. Daniel Lesden – Pangea Proxima (Original Mix)
  2. Daniel Lesden – Machinery (Original Mix)
  3. Daniel Lesden – Enuma Elish (Sabretooth Remix)
  4. Daniel Lesden – Structured Chaos (Original Mix)
  5. Daniel Lesden – Technological Singularity (Original Mix)
  6. Brainiac – Monstrum (Original Mix)
  7. Daniel Lesden – Arrival (Original Mix)
  8. Artificials – Human Emotions (Original Mix)
  9. Daniel Lesden & AudioFire – Sacred Space (Original Mix)
  10. Daniel Lesden – The Dream Of Electric Sheep (Original Mix)

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    13:20   Daniel Lesden - Enuma Elish (Sabretooth Remix)
    35:20   Daniel Lesden - Arrival
    46:20   Artificials - Human Emotions
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    Psytrance, progressive psy, psychedelic, fullon, psy
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