Work in progress. Unmixed, temp guitar fx and temp drums. Still unsure what to do with the 5/4 bridge, or if I should finish it at all. Regardless, here it is.


Sitting on the swing set
No feet on the ground
I try to move forward
But go back and around

The down brings it up
And the ups bring it down
Am I even moving?
No progress to be found

So do I stay or do I jump?
Is it one eternal slump?
I go only to return
And what have I learned?

A cake and a candle
With friends everywhere
So much love all around you
Not much can compare

But the chairs all sit empty
And the phone just won't ring
No cake and no candle
Just ghosts there to sing

So do I stay or do I wallow?
There won't be much more to follow
And even if those ghosts return
I know I will still yearn

Child on the swing set
Feet can't reach the ground
Nothing else matters
No fears to be found

The ups and the downs
Bring a smile from a frown
And all's on the mind
Is right here and right now

    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 08/12/2018 11:31 PM
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