I just don't see how, I can go on
If this is my now, and my beyond
I don't know how to feel, when you're not around
I don't know what's real, or if I'm the one making this sound

I know it's my fault, and I am too late
To hold back this war, but maybe it's fate
I don't deserve, any of your care
And yet left alone, somehow it doesn't seem fair

I'm sorry that I'm crazy
I'm sorry for how I am
You got pretty unlucky
To cross paths with this man
I'll do everything I can
To try to make things right
But if this is how I'll always be
I don't know if it's worth it to fight

I could be wrong, but you are not there
To sing me your song, and show me you care
But I have felt worse, and come out alive
So why does this verse, feel like the end of the line?
(This feels like the end of the line) x2


    • Type: Original
    • 170 bpm
    • Key: D
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