You find yourself on a long road
The snow is fresh, the air is cold
And for once you feel okay being alone
Just you, your thoughts, the paths unknown

You drive so close along the shore
The world decides to show you more
And you realize what all that work was for
Just you, so eager to discover what's in store

You see unfamiliar stars in the sky
You feel the water in your eyes, and don't know why
You make fast friends, true solitude is rare
And the only place left to go is anywhere

Exploring as the world still sleeps
You see the sun rise on the mountain peaks
If you listen well, mother nature speaks
And all is calm around the trees and the creeks

You drive for a while and find a town
A kindly stranger helps to show you around
And you absorb every sight, smell, taste, and sound
You can be lost and at the same time also found


And yet you know this cannot last
All these moments and feelings will soon all be in your past
But this journey on your own
Has shown you that new places can feel just as if you're home
So yes for now this chapter ends
But it becomes a part of you, these memories and friends
And for one last night...


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