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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

My name is Benjamin as an artist I wear the pseudonym Ben Baxtar, I am 30 years old and I am passionate about techno !!! Because of my special skills & bauble with the plates, the little bit of fingertip feeling, what is inside me I let the people formally Merging together with the Beat as well as I let my plates melt into each other, thus again and again for new Unexpected Surprise, excitement Excitement with a touch of melancholy, hectic up to sad about to take the blessing out of the wind for a short time to deliberately cause a stir do not let much rest, take a deep breath, allow a bit of loosening for floating and thus be able to recharge your batteries with the most cheerful on going into the fun & playful set, which is exciting for one or the other as well as unexpected surprises Should lead !!!
Techno comes from the heart, my motto is either power you with
# feelings

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    Deep House
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