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I had a usb full of new tracks so I kept going and going and going… I hope you enjoy it!

Recorded 20170217 covering @Full Volume for Louie Gomez on SugarShackRadio.com. You can catch Beat Hussy biweekly, Saturday 6-8p ct.

Corduroy Mavericks - Dis Dis Dat Dat [Reason 2 Funk Records]
Wayne Brett - Isn't It Powerful (Original Mix)[Craniality Sounds]
Kenny Dope, DJ Gomi, Antonio Hart - Piano Groove (Main Mix)[Dopewax]
Leony!, Dave Rose - Ooo La La La (Dave Rose Remix)[Tiger Records]
Martyn - What is Room 101[Dolly]
Nick Fiorucci, Joee - Bizarre Love Triangle (Original Mix)[No Definition]
Hapkido - Fabulous (Wayne Brett's Lofrequency Remix)[Reason 2 Funk Records]
Swing Kings - Street Sounds (Original Mix)[Orange Groove Records]
Bontan, Sonny Fodera, Shiba San - Always You (Shiba San Remix)[Toolroom]
Buurman & Buurman - A Missed Call (Original Mix)[Street King]
Dirty Freek, Vip - All I Need (VIP)[Cr2 Compilations]
DJ Hightech, Coqui Selection - Careless Pianist (Coqui Selection Remix)[Digital]
DJ Hightech - Gypsy (Original Mix)[Seven Records]
Electronic Youth, Pacosheo - Source (Original Mix)[New Violence Records]
Glynn Tandy, DJ Hightech - Promiscuous (Original Mix)[Bedroom Deep]
Harvey McKay - Trick Baby (Original Mix)[Toolroom]
Ruben Mandolini - Inred (Original Mix)[Saved Records]
Vanilla Ace - Little Pigs (Extended Mix)[SPINNIN' DEEP]
Pablo Puga - 6AM (Original Mix)[Street King]
Vlada Asanin - Shareef Song (Original Mix)[Zero]
DJ Rasoul - Bluenote[Robsoul]
Duke - Solutions (Original Mix)[Innocent Music Limited]
El Seano - Higher (Original Mix)[Pocket Jacks Trax]
GruuvElements - Infinity[VIVa LIMITED]
Jaceo, Trent Cantrelle - Systematic Addict (Original Mix)[Toolroom]
Kenny Ground - Sparks (Original Mix)[Playmobil]
Lliam Taylor - Hello My Friends (Original Mix)[Be Rich Records]
NightDen & Saqib - So Many Thoughts (Original Mix)[3Bridge Records]
Ralph C, Billy Roger - The Frequency (Billy Roger Remix)[Be Color Music]
Solardo - It's Here (Original Mix)[Relief]
Tom Wax, Strobe, Hosoo, The Deepshakerz - Shaman's Groove (The Deepshakerz Remix)[Great Stuff]
Solardo - It's Here (Original Mix)[Relief]
Dino Lenny, Sante - West End Girls (Sante Remix)[Strictly Rhythm Music]
Criminal Vibes, Federico Scavo - Pump Up the Jam (Federico Scavo Remix)[Tiger Records]
D-Unity, Alberto Ruiz - Bang (Alberto Ruiz Remix)[Toolroom]
Dennis Cruz - Shake It[Suruba X]
Die, Interface, William Cartwright, Zed Bias - Bright Lights (Zed Bias Remix)[Toolroom]
Illyus & Barrientos - Need Me (Original Mix)[Toolroom]
Me And The Gang - Twice Dub[Me And The Gang]
Amtrac - Hold On[Cr2 Compilations]
Argy & Mama, Argy, MAMA, Hot Since 82 - Recluse (Hot Since 82 Remix)[Toolroom]
Shiba San - Up Down (LeftRight VP Remix)[Dirtybird]
Jesse Perez - Fake (Original Mix)[Mr. Nice Guy]
Lawnchair Generals - Stop Frontin’[Robsoul]
Corduroy Mavericks - Its Not Over[Reason 2 Funk Records]
Jaymo & Andy George, Sidney Charles - Hip Shots (Original Mix)[Toolroom]
Mhe - The Thrill Is Gone (Original Mix)[D:Vision]
My Digital Enemy, Lizzie Massey, Michael Mandal - To Dust (Michael Mandal Remix)[Toolroom]
Thano Vessi - Killing Time (Original Mix)[Reason 2 Funk Records]
Scott Morter - Sound Fransico[Reason 2 Funk Records]
JackHart - Body Jack (Jackhart Pushin Hard Mix)[Reason 2 Funk Records]
Scott Morter - Wolfpack (Ray-D Jazztalk Remix)[Reason 2 Funk Records]
Sweed Music - On A Mission (Original Mix)[Manchester Exclusive]
Swing Kings - It's Like That (Original Mix)[Orange Groove Records]
TKDJS, Chrissy Quadros - Rolling[Cr2 Compilations]
Tough Love, S-Man, Nastaly - In The Name Of Love (Dub)[Toolroom]
2nd Shift ft Anthony Pearson - It's Been A Long Time[Robsoul]
Distale - Light (Original Mix)[Upon You Records]
DJ PP, Jack Mood - Don’t Care (Original Mix)[Toolroom]
DJ Rasoul - When You Hold Me (Rasoul Ride)[Robsoul]
Juan Entrena - The Game (Original Mix)[Darkside Digital Records]
Luca M - OnStage (Juan Lara & Hugo Castillo)[Manicomio Music]
Martin Buttrich, The Martinez Brothers - Affection Deficit Disorder (Original Mix)[Cuttin' Headz]
Shenga - Stacked[Gosh Recordings]
JR (UK) - The Terminator (Original Mix)[Casa Rossa]
Blind Motive - Origins (Original Mix)[Sonika Music]
DJ Rasoul - Night At The Top[Robsoul]
DJ Sneak - I Feel Groove[Robsoul]
DJ Vitto - Coffe And Cigarettes (Original Mix)[Insert Coin]
Fedorphunk - Far West (Original Mix)[Kaleydo Prestige]
Franco De Mulero, Alex Laviano, KPD, Submission DJ - Saturday (KPD & Submission DJ Remix)[KMS Records]
Horatio, DJ Dep - Echoes Of Elyma (Original Mix)[Natural Rhythm]
J.Caprice - Why So Blue (Scott Morters O-Town Bump Remix)[Fish House Music]
Jamie Lewis, Kraze - The Party (Jamie Lewis Remix)[Purple]
Marko Zalazar - Carton Lleno (Original Mix)[Low Groove Records]
Holly Johnson - Heaven's Eyes (Sharp Boys Dub)[Pleasuredome]

    0:40   Corduroy Mavericks - Dis Dis Dat Dat - Original Mix
    10:40   Kenny Dope - Piano Groove
    18:20   Leony! - Ooo La La La
    20:20   Leony! - Ooo La La La (Dave Rose Remix)
    27:20   Nick Fiorucci - Bizarre Love Triangle (Original Mix)
    31:20   HapKido - Fabulous
    36:00   Swing Kings - Street Sounds (Original Mix)
    39:00   Sonny Fodera - Always You
    50:00   Dirty Freek - All I Need
    54:00   DJ Hightech - Careless Pianist
    58:20   DJ Hightech - Gypsy
    1:02:20   Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman 2006 (La-Da-Dee)
    1:10:20   Glynn Tandy - Promiscuous
    1:15:20   Harvey McKay - Trick Baby
    1:26:40   Vanilla Ace - Little Pigs (Extended Mix)
    1:28:00   Vanilla Ace - Little Pigs
    1:42:20   Dj RaSoul - Bluenote
    1:51:20   El Seano - Higher - Original Mix
    2:02:20   Trent Cantrelle - Systematic Addict
    2:08:00   Kenny Ground - Sparks (Original Mix)
    2:16:40   Saqib - So Many Thoughts
    2:41:40   Dino Lenny - West End Girls
    2:42:40   Criminal Vibes - Pump Up the Jam
    2:47:20   D-Unity - Bang
    2:53:00   Dennis Cruz - Shake It
    2:57:40   Interface - Bright Lights
    3:02:00   Illyus - Need Me
    3:10:20   AMTRAC - Hold On
    3:11:00   Amtrac - Hold On
    3:15:20   ARGY & MAMA - Recluse
    3:31:20   LawnChair Generals - Stop Frontin'
    3:35:00   Corduroy Mavericks - Its Not Over - Original Mix
    3:41:20   Jaymo & Andy George - Hip Shots
    3:45:20   MHE - The Thrill Is Gone
    3:50:00   My Digital Enemy - To Dust
    4:05:00   JackHart - Body Jack
    4:10:40   Scott Morter - Wolfpack - Ray D Jazztalk Remix
    4:15:20   Wild & Kins - On a Mission
    4:23:00   Tkdjs - Rolling (feat. Chrissy Quadros)
    4:27:00   S-Man - In The Name Of Love
    4:30:20   2nd Shift - It's Been A Long Time (feat. Anthony Pearson)
    4:41:20   DJ PP - Don’t Care
    4:46:20   Various Artists - When You Hold Me
    5:22:00   Dj RaSoul - Night at the Top
    5:26:40   DJ Sneak - I Feel Groove
    5:42:40   Franco De Mulero - Saturday
    5:48:00   Horatio & Dj Dep - Echoes Of Elyma (Original Mix)
    5:54:20   J Caprice - Why So Blue - Scott Morter's O-Town Bump Remix
    5:59:20   Various Artists - The Party (Jamie Lewis Remix)
    6:09:20   Holly Johnson - Heaven's Eyes

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    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Release Date: 02/19/2017 03:00
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