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Music Lovers,
enjoy the selection of great artists, great mixes and the love to deep house. Dance with friends and such you like :-) ...the passion of mixing with electronic vibes is much more fun and love than just listen to it, but if you do....love it, dance and move your feet.

Ringo and I with beatfusion do it all the time - so just enjoy..deep dance with friends!
I personally like the 2nd half with long mixes, in and out fading, creative mixes and pure fun! :-)

yours Yel /beatfusion - to my lovely friend Ringo

    9:40   Animal Picnic - Dry Swimsuit
    14:20   Roberto Rodriguez - Sixth Non Sense
    19:20   Andrew Hosey - Deep Moods
    23:00   Paul Loraine - Velocity
    29:20   Black Coffee - Superman (feat. Bucie)
    38:40   Elef - Sunday to Monday
    44:40   Radio Slave - I Don't Need A Cure For This
    48:40   monotonBUNT - Good Time
    1:03:00   Matt Prehn - Dark Circles
    1:07:20   Monkey Safari - Watching the Stars

    Deep House
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