Mini EP with B-Side Warzone banger including instrumental and an official Funkliners remix. Hope you enjoy!!

Check out the latest Breakbeat Paradise, Party Breaks Vol.1 banger from DJ B-Side - BBP117:€¦-1/2932484-02 and the fresh up sizzly debut from Funkliners now on BBP119:€¦is/2995292-02

"Funkliners are all about easy, good times, which is a good thing because that's exactly what the Breakbeat Paradise label is all about too. Here they've cooked up two sizzlers that will get even the most difficult dancefloor moving - "Mumble" which is all perky, cut up funk samples and tough beats, and the title track, which keeps those big beats but holds a more stripped back groove. There are also two remixes: Wiccatron's scratchy rejig and Rory Hoy's bright and shiny 4/4 pop-house jam." /Juno Review

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    Breakbeat, Funky Breaks, Glitch Hop, Nu-Funk
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