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Welcome to Bassaholics Anonymous where not only is your artistic freedom encouraged but is also cherished as we find ourselves in a time where people are so caught up in everyday life that they sometimes forget the most important thing we have come to realize is we are only going to make it through this life with the help of brothers and sisters, not just blood. I speak of brothers and sisters we have never met. That is why we created this page, to bring people who would have never met come together and share. We come from a very close family of beautifully creative minds, a collective if you will of brothers and sisters who have stories to tell and ideas to share, whether it's through music, writing, poetry, drawing, or painting to put it simply, art in it's truest form. Raw, unedited and uninhibited. Art is the expression of one's individuality, we love the fact that all minds are not created equal. So we encourage and challenge your mind, embrace your creativity and emotions that take you to the door that is only open when we stop and do what we love to do to escape from the world outside. We hope to see many creations from any and all brothers and sisters who have something to say through their arts and passions.

    0:00   Fritz Carlton, Ghostea - Feel It (Mark Starr Remix)
    10:20   Javy Groove - Spoiler (Original Mix)
    23:00   Rusko - Somebody to Love (Sigma Remix)
    26:20   Robert Miles - Children
    34:00   Strongbass - Legends
    42:40   Heatbeat - Mechanizer (Extended Mix)
    45:20   Lustral - Everytime
    57:20   dead prez - It's Bigger Than Hip Hop UK
    1:00:40   Combo! - The Wipe Down
    1:01:40   Sporty-O - Let Me Hit It
    1:10:40   Swankout - Feelin' Ghetto
    1:15:40   Brass Knuckles - Water Gun
    1:19:20   3LAU - How You Love Me
    1:22:20   dBerrie - Zenith
    1:26:20   The Brainkiller & Aggresivnes - Mad Girl - Shade K Remix
    1:32:00   Clinton Sparks - Smells Like Teen Spirit
    1:43:00   Sneaker Pimps - Post-Modern Sleaze

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