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Originally created in 1994, Christian Smiths Tronic label holds a special place in techno circles. A leading force in shaping a less purist techno style, Tronic was amongst the first labels to embrace sounds from house and techno to create records that DJs from both scenes would play. Spearheaded by Christian Smiths ever-popular productions, the label was re-launched with a bang in 2009 with the re-release of the 1999 hit, Move, which was followed by a run of releases and remixes from Umek, Mark Broom, Fergie, Stryke, Steve Mac, Anton Pieete, Matt Nordstrom, Psycatron, Jim Rivers and Wehbba.

    0:00   Christian Smith & Wehbba - Mutate
    5:20   Criminish - Entropy
    12:00   Raffaele Rizzi - New School
    18:00   Wehbba - Mechanics of Machines
    23:20   Christian Smith - Matrix
    31:40   Greg Gow - Lost & Found
    39:00   Christian Smith - Traction
    46:20   Christian Smith & Wehbba - Believe
    51:20   Greg Gow - Cherokee Rose
    1:02:00   Christian Smith - The Urge

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