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✶CUEBASE-FM The Best Electronic Music Radio in Germany✶

20:00 - 21:00 - TAIGO ONEZ (Host opening set)
21:00 - 22:00 - MAKAJA GONZALES (Special Guest)


✶M A K A J A G O N Z A L E S✶

✶Rotterdam, Netherlands✶

For Bookings: gonzalesmakaja@yahoo.com

Active since 1983

DJ, Producer, graphic designer, radio host for fnoob radio, StromKraftRadio-fm DJ International Radio-eu. Founder and Owner of FRAME WORKXX

Style: Techno & Tech House.


  • Subwoofer Records.
  • Abstinence Records.
  • Side B Underground 2015.
  • MK Recordings.
  • P&R Records.
  • Diligentia Records.

Born in The Netherlands. Came from a business family, his parents owned a recreation Park. He is related to the world famous cycle list Piet Van Kempen (1898-1985), related to
Brigade-General Charles Andre Hartmans (1883-1975), high rank military, CEO of the Dutch Army Museum, writer). Also related to Cees Van Maasdam(1928) Dutch program maker.

His passion for music starts when MaKaJa Gonzales was young when Disco music was fashion, Soul, Jazz, Blues. He spend a lot of his time going out to the clubs in Holland and Belgium. Early 1980 he came in contact Electronic Funk music, like Johnny 'Guitar'' Watson, The Gap Band, and in 1986 he heard for the first time House music (House Sound of Chicago), like Farley Jackmaster Funk, Steve ''silk'' Hurley. At that time electronic music was for the big public unknown music style, and since then all things change in his life and it was never the same anymore. When Electronic music became more fashion the music styles changed fast, Hip House, more known from TURN UP THE BASS. The 1990's was the upcoming of Rave Music, Happy Hardcore, Acid, Drum 'n Bass etc. The Rest is history.

Started in 1983 as dj for Radio Contact, with Andrew McCabe.

From 1986-1987, 1998 he was a Photoshootmodel. For Gideon Spin (1986-1987), My Way Models (1998).

From 1993-2004 he was a writer.

In 2010 MaKaJa Gonzales start to work on his comeback as a dj with the help of his close friend DJ Coldcycle after a long break from the music industry.

In 2010 i start with DNS (Dutch New Style). The philosophy behind of DNS is to make art with art and to give art a new and deeper meaning. Mine graphic designs tells always a story.

In 2011 i start with MaKaJa Art based on DNS philosophy.
In 2012 he played for Radio DJ Clinex, Radio 107 (Italy), Subic Bay Radio (The Philippines) , Fnoob Radio (with Markus StorFunk)

June 2013 he started with FRAME WORKXX Podcast on STROMKRAFTRADIOfm. .
June 29, 2013 guest on Radio Magic 92.3 Cebu, The Philippines.

July 2013: Perfect Storm show with Jase Gallacher (UK) on Fnoob radio. Under the name of FRAME WORKXX he have his own show on fnoob radio, started from
July 16, 2013, with the first show with Matt Ess & Erik S on Fnoob Radio (UK).

August 3, 2013 he was on Radio Magic Cebu City, The Philippines.
August 4, 2013, he was on Team PDDJS RADIO NETWORK, The Philippines.
August 13, 2013 He and Primal Beat (Switzerland) was on his Frame Workxx show on Fnoob radio.
August 24, 2013 MaKaJa Gonzales was for the 3rd time on Radio Magic, Cebu City, The Philippines.
August 25, 2013 he was was on Chronisch Electronisch part 7 on Cuebase-fm.de, hosted by Syn Tex. (Germany).
August 25, 2013 he was for the 2nd time on Team PDDJS RADIO NETWORK, The Philippines, hosted by Kyle Garon.
August 30, 2013: He was on Radio DJ Clinex, Venezuela, South America.
August 31, 2013: He was on Radio Magic Cebu City, The Philippines.

MaKaJa Gonzales is now active in 10 countries, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Switzerland, USA, The Philippines, Portugal, Italy, Venezuela.

September 10, 2013 he was on his show FRAME WORKXX on fnoob radio with Marrel.
September 21, 2013 he was on Radio Magic, Cebu City, The Philippines
September 21, 2013 he played at the Laxx Club, Rotterdam, The Netherlands at DJ R.I.P. Birthday Bash Party.
September 21, 2013 he was on Radio Magic, Cebu City, The Philippines, hosted by Jack Stone.
September 28, 2013 he was again on Radio Magic, Cebu City, The Philippines.
September 29, 2013 he was on Team PDDJS Radio Network, The Philippines.

October 6, 2013 he was on Team PDDJS Radio Network, The Philippines.
October 8, 2013 MaKaJa Gonzales & Garret Dillon (USA) was on FRAME WORKXX, Fnoob radio (UK).
October 11, 2013, he was on Flash-X & Friends, Art Style Techno, #015 with Dan-Tek.
October 12, 2013 he was on Radio Magic, Cebu City, The Philippines, hosted by Jack Stone.
October 30, 2013 MaKaJa Gonzales was on Husa Sounds Radio (Canada),

November 1, 2013 he was on AudioBeats Podcast #042(Portugal).
November 2, 2013: Was he on Husa Sounds Radio (Canada).
November 2, 2013 he was on Radio Magic, Cebu City (The Philippines.
November 5, 2013: MaKaJa Gonzales & Rhate on Fnoob radio (UK).
November 7, 2013 he was on BunkerTV (Germany).
November 17, 2013 was MaKaJa Gonzales on Team PDDJS Radio Network, The Philippines. On November 19, 2013 he was on Husa Sounds Radio, Canada.
November 23, 2013 he was on Radio Magic, The Philippines, together with DJ Cosmo, DJ Vega & Diego Vella.
November 29, 2013 MaKaJa Gonzales organized his first radio dance event 'RELEASE YOURSELF'' on StromKraftRadio-fm (with Hollen, Alex D'Elia, Sinisa Tamamovic, Steve Poindexter, Taigo Onez, Shaun Hayes, DJ R.I.P., Jack Stone, DJ Afro-D and himself.
November 29, 2013: Was he on Dented Techno show, hosted by Jennifer Gallacher (UK).

December 1, 2013 was he on Team PDDJS Radio Network, The Philippines, hosted by Kyle Garon.
December 3, 2013 he and Taigo Onez was on Fnoob Radio (UK) with his Frame Workxx show.
December 8, 2013 On Fnoob Technothon (UK).
December 11, 2013: On TechYourHouse together with Nino Poletto (Canada).
December 15, 2013: He was on Team PDDJS Radio Network, The Philippines, hosted by Kyle Garon.
December 24, 2013: He was on Team PDDJS Radio Network, The Philippines, hosted by Kyle Garon.
December 27, 2013: On Sound-scape #018 together with Steve Dickson and Jase Gallacher (UK).
December 31, 2013 He was on fnoob radio in FRAME WORKXX with Philipp Centro.
December 31, 2013: Was he on Husa Sounds Radio, Canada, Tech In Da House #17.


January 5, 2014: He was on Team PDDJS Radio Network, The Philippines, hosted by Kyle Garon.
January 10, 2014: Was he on Tech Your House show, no 13, Canada, hosted by Nino Poletto.
January 16, 2014: Was on DJ International Radio-eu with Frame Workxx, together with Jase Gallacher and Stevie Rose (UK).
January 16, 2014: Was on Clubdanceradio.nl with Frame Workxx (Netherlands).
January 16, 2014: MaKaJa Gonzales, Jase Gallacher & Stevie Rose on FRAME WORKXX EVOLUTION on DJ International Radio-eu.
January 18, 2014: Was on FRAME WORKXX PODCAST #015 on StromKraftRadio-fm.
January 21, 2014: MaKaJa Gonzales on Husa Sounds Radio, Canada.Upcoming Events:
january 23, 2014 Was on ClubDanceRadio (Netherlands).
January 28, 2014: MaKaJa Gonzales & Electrorites on fnoob.com (UK).

February 2, 2014: Was on Techno Fundamental with Doublebase on StromKraftRadio-fm.
February 6, 2014: Was on ClubDanceRadio (The Netherlands)
February 13, 2014: Was MaKaJa Gonzales on Danclubradio (Netherlands).
February 13, 2014: On DJ International Radio-eu with Frame Workxx Evolution #002 with Israel Toledo and Amir Razanica.
February 15, 2014: In Progress Radio, The Netherlands, special 2 hour Techno dj set.
February 25, 2014: MaKaJa Gonzales & Jack Stone on fnoob.com

March 2014:

March 1, 2014: FRAME WORKXX REDEMPTION O1 on StromKraftRadio-fm.
March 6, 2014: He was on ClubDanceRadio (The Netherlands).
March 9, 2014: Was on VIBE Radio PDDJS Team Radio Network (The Phililppines) hosted by Kyle Garon.
March 10, 2014: He and Taigo Onez (USA) was on Bang Le Dex Podcast on Cuebase-fm (Germany).
March 10, 2014 He and Todd Kensis (Germany) was on House Fundamental on StromKraftRadio-FM(Germany).
March 13, 2014: FRAME WORKXX REVOLUTION 003 WITH MaKaJa Gonzales, Dkult & Silvano Scarpetta on DJ International Radio-eu.
March 25, 2014: MaKaJa Gonzales & Felix Krocher Fnoob radio (UK).

April 2014:

April 5, 2014: MaKaJa Gonzales and Markus StorFunk on Stromkraftradio.
April 10, 2014: Frame Workxx Evolution, with Go!Diva, Markus StorFunk (replacement of Glenn Wilson) and MaKaJa Gonzales on DJ International Radio-eur.

He work together, or was guests in his radio shows: Ricky Busta (eigenaar Subwoofer Records), D-Unity, Doryan Hell, Sisko Electrofanatik, Joy Fagnani, Matt Ess & Erik S, Mark Greene, Alex di Stefano, Nick Hanson, DJ Cosmo DJ Blaze, Carla da Costa, DJ Miss Phoenix, Fresh-Otis, Enrico Fuerte, Garret Dillon, Go!Diva, Rhate, Taigo Onez, Philipp Centro, Primal Beat, Stevie Rose, Saam, Jase Gallacher, Steve Dickson, Markus StorFunk, Jack Dark (UK), Kyle Arnold (UK), Jack Stone (PH), Steve Poindexter (USA), Alex D'Elia (I), Hollen, Sinisa Tamamovic, Israel Toledo (MEX), Ninna V (P), DJ Afro-D (NL), Franck Hat (F), Karl Tonschander (CH), Dkult, Silvano Scarpetta, Pedro Leite, Michel van Dinteren, DJ Style, Kyle Garon (PH), Fabio Tek (CAN), DJ Alex, Best Voortman, DJ Jane, Jeny P, JCR, Chris Emmerson, Remi Fab, Gary Beat, Luza Tuga, Norma Melanson, Paulo AV, Kristof-T, Zoltan Katona (Kato), Oliver Kracher, The Jocker (Costa Rica), Lester Fitzpatrick (USA), Mark Beltrami (USA), Nei Fidelis (Brasil), Nizzy (UK), The Rhythm-Fixxers, David Hilbert.

Tracks, remixes & Mash-ups:

26-12-2011: Frankyeffe - Riot (MaKaJa Gonzales Mix).

24-05-2012: David Jach & Beatamines - How Never (MaKaJa Gonzales Mix).

17-06-2012: Pirupa - Want More (MaKaJa Gonzales Mix).

25-06-2012: Alex Dolby - Rambo Rocks (MaKaJa Gonzales Rambo Rocks Again 2012 Mix).

17-08-2012: Skat - Intolerance (MaKaJa Gonzales Up-Yours Mix).

27-08-2012: Alexander D'Riel - Klona (MaKaJa Gonzales Double Deep Mix).

02-09-2012: Larix - Witch (MaKaJa Gonzales Mix).

07-09-2012: Sin Sin - Frozen Feedback (MaKaJa Gonzales In The Jungle Mix).

10-09-2012: Egoism - Libertine (MaKaJa Gonzales Mix).

19-01-2013: Sebastian Groth - Like This (MaKaJa Gonzales Mix).

01-03-2013: Disaster & Matt Middleton - Balls Of Steel (MaKaJa Gonzales Mash Up).

23-03-2013: Darpa & 2Loud - Ragnarok (MaKaJa Gonzales Banging Remix).

02-04-2013: Duke Dumont Feat. AME - Need U (100%) (MaKaJa Gonzales Mash Up)

24-05-2013: Phunkunique feat Kathleen - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (MaKaJa Gonzales Mash Up).

01-06-2013: Bryan Jones & Hugh Clear - Makin Moves (MaKaJa Gonzales Knock Me Out 2013 Mix).

18-07-2013: Kaiserdisco - Garabato (MaKaJa Gonzales Mix).

16-09-2013: MaKaJa Gonzales & DJ AFro-D - First Beat.

03-12-2013: MaKaJa Gonzales - Burn Runner (Original Mix). (Remix by Amir Razanica) released 13-03-2014 Subwoofer Records.

06-12-2013: MaKaJa Gonzales - Red Line (Original Mix). (Remix by Stevie Rose) released op 13-03-2014 Subwoofer Records.

11-12-2013: Rihanna - What Now (MaKaJa Gonzales Techno Edit).

18-12-2013: Playboy - In Da Jungle (MaKaJa Gonzales Put Some Rave On Me 2013 Remix).

21-12-2013: MaKaJa Gonzales - The Next Rave. Released op 13-03-2014 Subwoofer Records.

22-12-2013: MaKaJa Gonzales - Selfie (Original Mix).

28-12-2013: MaKaJa Gonzales - Flash Rave (Original Mix).

08-01-2014: MaKaJa Gonzales - Parallelism (Original Mix) (remixes door Israel Toledo, Enrico Fuerte en Fresh- Otis). Op 20 mei 2014 gereleased op Subwoofer Records.

24-04-2014: MaKaJa Gonzales - Darling? Can You Send Me Some Money?

15-06-2014: MaKaJa Gonzales - Opacity (Original Mix). Release date: 16-7-2014 Subwoofer Records.

02-08-2014: MaKaJa Gonzales - Change Of Heart (MaKaJa Gonzales Rework), on Subwoofer Records. EP: PokPok. Release date: November 22, 2014 Subwoofer Records.Remix by Zoltan Katano (Kato) en Paulo AV.

07-08-2014: MaKaJa Gonzales - Pokpok (Original Mix), Subwoofer Records. EP. PokPok. Remixes by
Zoltan Katona (Kato) en Paulo AV. Release date: November 22, 2014, Subwoofer Records.

03-10-2014: MaKaJa Gonzales - BrainStorm (Original Mix), un-released.

08-10-2014: MaKaJa Gonzales - Kids Going Back To School, MK Recordings, remix by Komut.

19-10-2014: MaKaJa Gonzales - Kids Wanna Play, un-released.

27-10-2014: MaKaJa Gonzales - Come On Kids, un-released.

01-11-2014: MaKaJa Gonzales - Mosquito Groove, un-released.

12-12-2014: Zoltan Katona (Kato) - La Machine (MaKaJa Gonzales Remix), Label: Abstinence Records, release

date: June 24, 2015. Eerste 2 weken exclusief op Beatport.

03-02-2015: MaKaJa Gonzales - Double Dutch (Original Mix), Incl. Remixes, Label: Side B Underground 2015, Reg. Nr. SBU189. Remixes door Komut en The Jocker (Costa Rica). Release date: September 9, 2015. 2 weken exclusief op Beatport.

04-04-2015: MaKaJa Gonzales - This Video Does Not Exist (Original Mix). Remixes by: Taigo Onez (USA), EP: This Video, met oa. Kids going back to School incl. Komut Remix). Release: November 27,
2015 on MK Recordings.

23-05-2015: MaKaJa Gonzales - Flow.

24-05-2015: MaKaJa Gonzales - Rampage. Release in 2016. Label: P&Z Records. Remixes by: Lester
Fitzpatrick, Taigo Onez, Mark Beltrami, Paulo AV, Stevie Rose & Zoltan Katona (Kato).

30-08-2015: MaKaJa Gonzales - Keep Up & Freak Out. EP: Rampge, incl. tracks: Flow, Rampage. Release. 2015/2016.

20-09-2015: MaKaJa Gonzales - The Preacher. Remixes by: Zoltan Katona (Kato) & Stevie Rose. Label: P&Z Records, December 11, 2015.

08-10-2015: MaKaJa Gonzales - The Devil's Whore (Original Mix).

08-10-2015: MaKaJa Gonzales - Fingersmith.Release in 2016. Remixes by Nizzy, Nei Fidelis, The Rhythm-Fixxer, Doyan Hell, Zoltan Katona (Kato), Israel Toledo.

23-11-2015: MaKaJa Gonzales - Hornblower.

26-11-2015: MaKaJa Gonzales - Round Trip. Release in 2016.

10-12-2015: Juliet Fox - Can't Sleep (MaKaJa Gonzales Insomnia Remix).

28-12-2015: MaKaJa Gonzales - Invaders (Original Mix). Label: P&Z Records, January 2, 2016.

27-01-2016: Zoltan Katona (Kato) ft. Joseph.M - Pulsating Atmosphere (MaKaJa Gonzales Remix). Label. Diligentia Records.

29-01-2016: MaKaJa Gonzales - Rave All Night.

05-02-2016: MaKaJa Gonzales - Hypothesis.

09-02-2016: MaKaJa Gonzales - From Another World.

12-02-2016: MaKaJa Gonzales - Fossilized Evidens.

14-02-2016: MaKaJa Gonzales - 30 Seconds To Mars.

16-02-2016: MaKaJa Gonzales - Voices Of Infinity.

17-02-2016: MaKaJa Gonzales - The Butterfly Effect.

18-02-2016: MaKaJa Gonzales - Zip Code.

19-02-2016: E la Luna - See You (MaKaJa Gonzales Remix), label: Diligentia Records.

19-02-2016: MaKaJa Gonzales - Out Of Love.

22-02-2016: MaKaJa Gonzales - Flow (MaKaJa Gonzales Rework).




Santiago (Taigo), is synonymous with Underground Culture & Music. Hailing from the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, Taigo is truly one to experience live. He is rocking floors across the Mid-Western US, radio stations around the world. Currently a General Manager, Resident Dj/Host of Bang Le' Dex on Germany's Cuebase-FM & Co-Owner A&R of Mind Burn Records Chicago.

For bookings: taigoonezbookings@gmail.com
bang le' dex © All Rights Reserved


    0:40   Tommy Four Seven - Scene 4
    10:00   Planetary Assault Systems - No Exit
    13:20   Banda Pequeños Musical - Cadenas
    25:40   Sandro Galli - Impact Zero
    29:20   Matt Mus - Blackview
    41:20   Mickey Nox - Axcart
    1:17:20   Tom Dazing - Chopper
    1:21:40   Looper - Somatic Mutation Phase Two
    1:25:20   Rebekah - Who Poisoned Ivy
    1:51:40   sandro galli - Mafia Capitale 1 - Original Mix
    1:55:40   sandro galli - Mafia Capitale 2 - Original Mix
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