Like many of you, I've read about Soundcloud, it's recent change of policy and the string of artist's accounts that have become casualties as it courts and is courted by the Major Record Labels. I joined SC roughly 4 years ago and ironically the very first track I uploaded, a remix of Nas' Shootouts by Birmingham's ProducerDru is what earned BLS it's third strike. I received all three strikes within a week's span, appearing in my inbox like expected parking tickets when you pass the meter Reader while returning to your car knowing there wasnt enough change in the meter. Unlike many, I'm not upset about this - I knew I was flirting with fire with the tracks and mixes I uploaded.
There is a sense of loss, though. A loss of connections: friends I made via the site, artists and labels that turned me on to fantastic tunes, and of course the numerous fans that enjoyed our SC presence.
I understand the frustration when SC is lost. Being a central location of music lovers, it allows discovery of your music or musical taste to occur quickly and frequently as you build a loyal fanbase.
Coincidentally, with the relaunch of DSXXX, we're gaining popularity across many musical social media platforms; We're constantly in the Top 10 across several genres on Mixcloud, top in the Soul category on Bandcamp, and the bandwidth on our Podomatic page, which feeds our iTunes podcast, is constantly exhausted. Thanks to all who spread the word and help us reach our audience. BTW, we've signed up for Hearthis and can use your rankings and comments on iTunes.
In the words of Diddy, "We won't stop" and will continue to bring you Consistent Quality Content regardless of a music site's crackdown.
Enjoy the latest episode of the DSXXX which features tracks from our SC page that will be removed once the page is officially shutdown by the powers that be

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    • Release Date: 2015-08-28
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