Music & art - Axel Weiss (Germany)
Guitar and whistling were recorded simultaneously in one take (no studio-effects).

Here you can listen to all contributions worldwide on my little tune (remastered 2017):
It's a new album with remastered files of all participants in this worldwide latin jazz music idea. My heartfelt thanks goes to my friends and collaborators - here they are:
• Leticia Gabian (Portugal) • Jens Felger (Germany) • Carlos Younes (Brazil) • Galina (Britain) • Anuradha Padmanabhan (India) • Helena Paglia Rios & Quique Cano (Uruguay) • Vicente Bueso (Spain) • Graham Casey (Britain) • Werner Büsch (Germany) • David Mackenzie (Scotland) • Derek Cornett (USA) •

Thanks a lot to Sasha Hohri from in New York City for supporting "Samoa" for the very long time of 6 months in 'Le Petit Jazz Cafe' .

Here is the video on Fandalism:

More music:

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