The whispers in the wind sound just like you
But I don't listen in like I used to
Even when you see the lights, city lights move
Across my arms and brush my skin
I wonder would it
Remind you, remind you
Of what we were and could have been
I try to
Forget you
I know we had to ride our separate roads
But when the dark comes
My mind runs
'Cause you never left the light on
When you'd go
Will I ever cross your mind?
'Cause it happens all the time
I'm reminded, reminded
Of you (of you)
Of you (of you)
Of you (of you)
Of you (of you)
Will I ever cross your mind?
I'm reminded, reminded
Silence sneaking in and it feels so loud
I'm wishing you out my head
But I guess my luck ran out
You had to shut me out
Shut me out, boy
Just for you to let her in
I can promise she could try

    whispers, Pop
    • 86 bpm
    • Key: C
    • London, UK
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