▶ Playzyt is a 19 years young Munich Techno Dj/Producer. He was inspired by many great Techno artists such as Ben Klock or Len Faki. He was listening to different tracks and he was so enthusiastic that he soon began to produce music by himself and create his own Record label (Autonohm Records). He played in various clubs in Munich and he was able to gain a lot of experience. He loves deep and smooth sounds with hard kicks. His main goal is to demonstrate the listeners which kind of techno is the best in his sight with mixtapes and his own tracks. He is convinced that techno is in a position to set people in trance with the dark and deep sounds. It is important for him to achieve this feeling for everyone who loves the underground scene.

Playzyt - A little closer:
With dark vocals and pulsating synths, our artist "Playzyt" creates a hypnotic atmosphere that immediately captivates you.
He paid particular attention to the synths, hihats and the kick, to give the track more space to unfold

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    Techno, #techno, #melodic, #dark, #nightclub, #underground, #Berlin, #nightlife, #smooth, #atmosphere, #hypnotic, #trance, #Playzyt, #Autonohm Records
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