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      Position, position, position! When playing in position, for example on the button, you are the last to speak. As you are acting after all the other players, this is all more information for you. You can see the slightest sign of weakness. You also have the option of turning a losing hand into a winning hand. By being the last to speak, you can afford to play with hands with much lower potential than if you are the first to speak (UTG). Another advantage of playing in position is being able to control the size of the pot. We recommend that you read our article on the importance of position in poker .
    By attacking your opponents, you drastically increase your chances of winning the hand. Is your opponent showing weakness and little interest in taking the pot? One bet from you should be enough to scare him away. If in addition you play in position, your chances of winning the shot are further increased. Do not hesitate to make the pots bigger by raising your big hands and making continuation bets (Cbet) almost 100% of the time against one or two opponents.
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