Profile description of Ascentient:

Ascentient is the original psy-bass and weird-bass project of Cord Blaze. Incorporating live synth drum performed over original tracksand remixes. Ascentient is bringing a much appreciated genre-bending style to a scene hungry for intentional, innovational live bass music.

After 2.5 years of touring, 85 performances around the USA and 40 music festivals including, Backwoods 2015 &16, Zen Awakening 2015 & 16, 3 Days of light Gathering 2015-17 and numerous others, Ascentient has garnered fans and a place in the psychedelic intentional bass community, with his biggest release to date being the "Current Shifting" EP on march 7th via Thazdope records alongside fellow collaborator Dancemyth.

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