Lets face it, it's impossible to keep up with alll the shit that goes on everyday in this hellscape of a year, so forgive us if these arent't the most pressing topics, but hey, maybe a little break from the chaos is needed. We start off with my Mike's triumphant return to DJing for people, the adjustments we're all making, and finally getting to see what songs are working for people and what songs didn't do that much. We fantasize about rolling into a club with a Travis Scott burger, while Mike explores his dancefloor body dysmorphia. Theres some brief discussion about The RBG acronyms other than Ruth Bader Ginsberg, reminiscing on Kony2012, and wondering how real is PS5 prostitution? We stumble upon a new microgenre that has been with us all along while going throught new hits, then end up reviewing the fallout of TIk Tok "bans" and some of the latest "bangers" that have emerged from a platform in which we all agree the world could do without.

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    • 81 bpm
    • Key: Bm
    • Philadelphia, United States of America
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