We gladly present you today a dedicated label mix for Arctic Dub, conceived by UK's purveyor of organic and minimal sounds, Naarky.

Across this farsighted journey you can find a lot of the recent blog posts output, some of it due to be released soon on Bandcamp.

Thanks to Tom for putting his valuable time and care do do it.

Enjoy the tour!


The Mayhem Lecture Series - Episódio Três
Dave Wesley - Stasis
Xerography Unauthorized Edition 20190730 (Erros Passados)
Dave Wesley - Featureless Snowflakes
The Mayhem Lecture Series - Episódio Cinco
Existente - Plano One (Dry County)
Dave Wesley - Dodecahedron 101_3 Variation v1
Dave Wesley - Modelo e Metáfora
Enkō and Inversus - Murmur2 (Augen Circular Remix)
Enkō and Inversus - Murmur1
Xerography - Unauthorized Edition 20190812 (Variação Oculta)

Naarky Bio:

Born in UK and spending his formative years devoted to jungle techno and what is now called 'rave' music, Naarky (Thomas Healey) went through years of using whatever tape machines, old record players he could borrow from parents and friends of parents until he could afford his own proper Technics decks.

After spending a few years on mixing house and techno he found some small success in playing as resident in small clubs and bars.

Finally coming to this period of making his own music, Naarky now uses samplers, microphones, mono synths, computers and guitar effects pedals to produce his one love which is underground dub music ranging from ambient to harder edge techno dubs.

Being now an occasional dj, full time producer and mastering engineer for Superordinate Dub Waves, with releases for this label and also for Kopoc Label, he carves out his time happily thinking of the next fun project meditating on musical process and learning new and old methods on the journey.

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