Episode 2, story info:

This is a story of a man whose will is blazing like the sun unlike anybody else yet true to himself.


[First verse Odine The Sotho Shaman:]

These are scorched first hand experiences
Burnt by the lessons of life's essences
The earliest worm gets caught by the fattest bird before the morning star triggers alarm senses
Today the air is a lot denser
My will drives me like auto mobiles on outer dimension
and let's me talk to stars about tap dancing
This is for the owl who yawns at the sunlight when telling visions

[Second verse Blacc Skyy:]

Lessons of life's essences
Contradicted my senses
Interpret the work of the masses
The blinding glasses
Binding the conscious fragment
Extended component
Subconscious conduits open
Convey memories holding
Psychedelic depictions
Subliminal visions
E.m spectrum in the prism
Subconscious dismantle the prison
That's intercepting my living
My strong will is willing
to share the light am giving
Whisper like the voice hidden
above the threshold ceiling

[Third verse Ankh The Story Teller:]

Hazy white
ever motioning energy field of life
Mountain peak
soaring All Seeing Eye
Wide open wings
Cobra eclipse
the blazing day star
Horizon deep
Ember weeps
sheer conflict
Desert storm
A passage of time
in an hour's glass
Heaven's clutch
Double helix
Twisted heaven's ladder
Pitter-patter in the darkness
Star dancers
Malleable rings of tortoise
set the landscape
Wooly giants
with great tusks
Esteemed kings
In the memories of revolutions
Illumining spherical earrings of the Ka
Devices for travelling through space time
Prime creators
Sirius masters
Eternal serpents fashioning the rod
of the life master
The seal
The flower of life
Will of the unique survives
Blue clear sky

Content info:

Song Produced by: Canya Reial (orinally for Canya Special weedz - vol.2 - Snow Ryder)
Story Written by: Odine The Sotho Shaman, Blacc Skyy and Ankh The Story Teller
Recorded at: Raptured Soul Studios and 1st Tape Records
Mastered by: B.Y.C, TAPE and Ka Master Ankh

About Spring Free-Topics:

Spring Free-Topics is a complete twist of what Freestyle means. Unlike Freestyle, which is a style of improvisation with or without instrumental beats, in which lyrics are recited with no particular subject or structure,
Free-Topic in the other hand has a subject, and the particular subject is made into a story presented in Rhythm And Poetry .
© Ankh The Story Teller - Spring Free-Topics 2020

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    Hip Hop
    • 92.5 bpm
    • Key: Bm
    • Katlehong South, Katlehong, South Africa
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