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    keeps me warm on the streets of oslo... big up ...
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D Bridge and Verse - Solitudes Weakness
Spectrasoul - Some Day Soon
HLZ - Broken Lights
Sabre - Elite
Icicle & Nymfo - Shadows of Tomorrow
Soligen & Type 2 - Capulet (Feat. Wednesday Amelia)
Spectrasoul - Shades Of Blue
Zero T - Thirty Four
Alix Perez - Contradictions
BCee - Only You
Break - Mr Crystal
Altitude - Closer
Bredren - Fierce
Total Science - Black Moon
Skyweep & Impish - Barn
Critycal Dub, Level 2, Chap & Andrezz - Changes
Serum & Bladerunner - Who Jah Bless
Switch - All Night
Total Science - Suspicious (Alix Perez Remix)
Mr Joseph - Red Velvet
Impish - With You (Calibre Remix)
Bladerunner & Savage Rehab - Somethings Got To Give
Ivy Lab Ft. Frank Carter III - Missing Persons
Joakuim - Automate
Switch - Days of the Week
Total Science and S.P.Y - Stay
Zero Tolerance and Survival - Cold Blood
Spectrasoul - Panoramic
Sabre and Survival - Wiretrap
Ed It & Pennygiles - Set Theory (Ulterior Motive Remix)
Friction & Total Science - Scatter
Unreal - Driver
Coda & Krooked - Hush VIP
Survey - Waves
D Flect - Swift Kill (Nooch Remix)
Subtle Element - Hydron
Taelimb & Conscience - Public Eye (Survey Remix)
Critical Impact - Illa
Bredren - One Moment
Soligen, Type 2 & Vandera - Lost Soul
RoyGreen Protone & Ben Soundscape - Dusk (Zero T Remix)
Nymfo - Game Of Love
Malaky - Falling (Villem Remix)
Maverick Sabre - Come Fly Away (Ivy Lab Remix)
Alix Perez - Feelings Of Regret
Soligen & Type 2 - Chasing Clouds
Zero T - Roxy Music VIP
Alix Perez - Fade Away
Brain - What Do You Want
Alix Perez - Playing Tricks

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Different Drumz have made it their mission to bring you 24/7 Worldwide drum & bass radio, playing strictly the best in soulful liquid, deep and rolling dnb & jungle. You will find, that we have DJs that do play other types of dnb sounds and that’s a great way expand and hear things in a new light.

Everyone needs a change of pace once in a while, so we at Different Drumz have decided that since i’ve been unable to play my weekly show & don’t know when i will have that issue resolved - So I’ve decided to start a mix series to keep the vibes goin’. This series will be mixed by the lady of DDZ, Anita MAGENTA. Stay tuned to Different Drumz Radio [differentdrumz.co.uk] to hear our other artists/DJs & don’t forget - you can now access a live video stream during shows to watch it all as it happens.
I love many variations of dnb/jungle & have decided that my focus in this series is to play dnb/jungle, meaning each episode would likely explore a different vibe and i hope you can enjoy my vision and let the music fill you with life. Im happy to present to you Mixing For The Masses ep.3. i hope you enjoy - look out for the next one which will be available in a few days’ time.

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    0:40   Verse - Solitudes Weakness
    6:20   HLZ - Broken Lights
    22:40   Zero T - Thirty Four
    35:40   Altitude - Closer
    38:00   Dieter Geerinck - Fierce
    40:00   Total Science - Black Moon
    43:40   Skyweep - Barn
    47:00   Dj Chap - Changes
    50:40   Serum - Who Jah Bless
    1:06:00   Savage Rehab - Something's Got to Give
    1:10:00   Ivy Lab - Missing Persons
    1:12:20   Joakuim - Automate
    1:20:00   Total Science & S.P.Y - Stay
    1:29:00   Sabre & Survival - Wiretrap
    1:31:20   Ed:it & Pennygiles - Set Theory
    1:35:40   Friction - Scatter
    1:38:00   Unreal - Driver
    1:40:20   Bmk, Coda & Krooked - Hush
    1:43:20   Survey - Waves
    1:49:40   Subtle Element - Hydron
    1:55:20   Critical Impact - The Illa
    1:57:40   Dieter Geerinck - One Moment
    2:02:00   Vandera - Lost Soul
    2:13:20   Facing Jinx - Love You
    2:17:40   Maverick Sabre - Come Fly Away
    2:28:00   Zero T - Roxy Music VIP
    2:32:00   Alix Perez - Fade Away
    2:40:00   Alix Perez - Playing Tricks

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