Here it is guys! As promised a new mix for you all. This was the set I planned to play for the closing hour of Vibe Essentials party Elements: Fire III. My goal was to show you kids a taste of my hayday and a sampling of some of the older sounds of UK hardcore. Hope you all enjoy! ‪#‎ronindjs‬

Download available here:
CRW - I Feel Love - Breeze and Styles Remix
Kevin Energy - Fucking with the Frequency - Scott Brown Remix
Demise n Eyeopena - 7 Colours
Alex Prospect & Gammer - Like it Loud - Original Mix
Gang of Magic - Weekend has Come
eTron - Time of My Life
Adam Harris - Over Now - Original Mix
Breeze and Styles - Always
Moogl3 - Unrequited - Original Mix
Nu Foundation - Takin My Time - Original Mix
Breeze & Chris Unknown - R3tro - Original Mix
Rampant & Obie vs Darwin & Ant Johnson - Twice around the Moon
D Code - My Direction - Hardcore Mix
Mikk - Torn 2 Pieces

    0:00   CRW - I Feel Love
    4:40   Kevin Energy - F*cking With The Frequency
    16:00   Alex Prospect & Becci - Like It Loud
    48:00   Breeze - R3tro

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