So today we can celebrate something special. at least special to me.
this month or lets say around this time 20 years ago i started to make music.In younger ages i played the piano but with making music i mean sitting down for hours and hours and hours
trying to get that particular sound i have in my head out of the speakers.thinking about this amount of time i put into this made me realize how much im still in love with it.

I am a very humble person and picked on myself a lot and threw myself back into negative thinking patterns. Now i can proudly say im very close to the point leaving this dark chapter behind me.
I could name some persons who helped me reaching this point but I`m very thankful that there are too many to name them all. But to those who stayed with me, listened to my 10000th snippet and
never stopped encouraging me, i love you and i really mean it.

For those who found me and dont know me in person
I´m glad it happend and i hope we wont stop coming closer!
Your support means a lot to me ♥

For celebration i chose this song because it kinda awakes the feeling of traveling. Like a travel into undiscoverd places and all these years really feel like an indescribable odyssey.
so many feelings, influences and genres, ups and downs, flying, sinking and that type of overwhelming uncertainness not knowing where next stop`s gonna be.

20 Years... enjoy this with me. hugs :)

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