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dear wonderful people,

we can't meet right now, be with friends or celebrate with each other,

but we can!
even if everyone is (only) limited to their own apartment

dance at home,
to give laughter, joy, hope, love, peace a place in our hearts and in our thoughts

even if we are alone (or only in the circle of the family or flatmates), we are connected!

never forget that!

so much is happening, what is floating through our minds, fears, hopes, uncertainties

so much what we hear, what we read. the one says / writes this, the other one this.

like a leaf in the wind we absorb and move back and forth through information
stays with you, stays in trust, in love, in peace!

be careful, take care of yourself and others!

accept the fear but do not lose yourself in it!

turn on the media a little less (information is already important) but it is more important to be in nature

greet the spring – wander out (alone!)

have you noticed how much the birds are chirping. isn’t it wonderful to hear… that in china the sky is bluer again and in venice the water in the canals is cleaner again – may we recognize the signs of the times, for a new one afterwards, for the world, the earth, the nature, the people, the love, the peace and all that with each other

even if we can’t be together right now, let us be together in our thoughts, in phone calls and soon yes soon (no matter how long it takes) together and then really together for each other and not against each other

in gratitude, in love, in peace

a whoopee for life!


Andi (from the leipzig tribe of peace)

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