H O W DEEP IS (my) L O V E
Alex Lucien Moaca Lirics beeges COVER

I Know your beautiful eyes in the morning,
i feel you touch me and i want you baby,
and the moment that i need to go from you
my brain just fall in LOVE with you again..

When you coming on me,
i can die there free,
you give my self in love
baby i´m burning.

And its me that need to show..
How deep is my love ( … )

How deep is my Love

I Need your beautiful eyes in the morning
i wanna make love with you in the rain,
and the moment that you close,coming on me,
i swear ill hold you in my arms Again..

When you coming on me,
i can Die Baby
you give my self in love,
baby you burning..

i just need to love
Oh Baby to love..

I Just need to love

cause i just need to love,
and i just want youuu (!!) ahk

How deep is my love?

My Love
your Love
my Love

How deep is YOUR love
now for me
babe for me?

theres no limit you can go just brought
showing me down..
when i just don't let it be..
you just belong to me.. (

Your love for me so silent
and i really do need to learn?
theres no limits that you trash me brought
breaking me down
i don't care i let you be
cause you just belong to me…….

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