As many of you may already know, before and after I was a solo artist I founded Group of Deviants. A rock band. 5 years after the group was formed and 1 year after their first single, my stepson from a previous relationship, CJ Andrae, joined the band bringing with him the basic music which became 'Take Me as I Am'. Written and performed by AJ Evans and CJ Andrae, this track went on to becoming G.o.D.'s most recorgnized and loved song.
CJ was killed in a car accident one year ago today. So, to mark the anniversary, I decided to give the track the full remix treatment.
There are two versions, both of which were released today. The shorter version which contains no excerpts from my solo track "Lifted" or G.o.D.'s other smash hit, 'In the Groves', (which, coincidentally, was released one day after the original vesion of 'Take Me as I Am'), is released as Group of Deviants.
'Take Me as I Am', originally released 4/17/2013, shot G.o.D. up to #4 within the first 48 hours of it hitting the ReverbNation charts where they stayed for about 4 months. I am hoping to repeat or top the success of the original version to show what a truly classic and timeless song this is and give CJ his first #1, even if it is posthumously.
There is a full remix compilation underway for release on 4/17/2016. Information on the remix competition and the stem packages can be found here
R.I.P. CJ Andrae 7/18/1991 - 2/16/2015

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