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It Just Doesn't Matter

I have seen the darkest days
I've survived the hardest times
Only to find myself
All alone and asking why

Time doesn't heal all wounds
That is just another lie
All it does is make it soon
A new pain will soon find my life

It just doesn't matter
When that's all that I wanted
I just wanted to matter
Now, I'm just being haunted
And it just doesn't matter
It doesn't matter at all
It just doesn't matter
Nor will I when I fall

My heart was my only ally
My mind was enemy to the state
Memories come flashing by
Memories that used to feel so great

To the future my eyes are blind
Not because the light is bright
I try so hard but I just can't see
I'm trying hard with all my might

I guess

Is it too late to give it back?
To pray to God for a heart attack?
To have anything keep me from having to face the truth?
I need some time to get it right
I need to know that my life
Matters to more than just me and I am looking for that proof

But then

Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Written, Performed, Recorded and Produced by AJ Evans
for B.C. Productons

Written on the 22nd anniversary of my brother, Charlie's death.

    aj evans, ajevans, Depeche mode, david bowie, David Guetta
    • Version: Album
    • Type: Original
    • 116 bpm
    • Key: Am
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