The 1st Hour serves as a musical comment on current
Starting around the 2nd Hour focuses modern underground pop are taken
Starting around the 3rd Hour a more rave/post rave dance approach to mixing/remixing is undertaken.

Mic issues occurred that resulted in vocal commentaries coming in much lower than intended. For the most part, these commentaries simply reviewed music that had been played during the 1st and 2nd hour.
Other technical issues came up, particularly during the 3rd hour, and ultimately the broadcast ends prematurely due to them.

Full song track/source material listing:
SEGMENT I: MESSage (runs approx 00:00:00 - 01:15:00) I. 2xirtam - The Taming Of Infinities
II. Ministry - Grace
III. Screeching Weasel - I Believe In UFOs
IV. The Dead Milkmen - Stuart
V. Meg Lee Chin - England's Mask
VI. Ministry (feat. William S Burroughs) - Quick Fix
VII. King Missle - America Kicks Ass
VIII. Meg Lee Chin - Nutopia
IX. Dead Kennedy's - Riot
X. Crass - Shaved Women
XI. Meg Lee Chin - Celeberity Saviour
XII. The Peculiar Pretzelmen - R.F.B.
XIII. Method Man - Judgement Day
XIV. Ministry - Corrosion
XV. Ministry - Fucked
XVI. Union Jack - There Will Be No Armageddon

BREAK XVII. Orbital - Dwr Budr

SEGMENT II: Under Pop (runs approx 01:25:00 - 02:32:00) XVIII. Client - Pornography (The Zip Alien Sex Mix)
XIX. Metafive - Don't Move
XX. Client - Don't Call Me Baby
XXI. Towa Tei (feat. Ano) - REM (You'll Melt More)
XXII. Tetrakroma - Street Walker
XXIII. Le Couleur - Voyage Amoureux
XXIV. Church Fire - Gay Sex
XXV. Mirror Fears - WOW
XXVI. Die Wilde Jagd - Himmelfahrten
XXVII. 65daysofstatic - The Conspiracy Of Seeds
XXVIII. Vitamineless - The Real Folk Blues
XXIX. Suchmos - 808

BREAK XXX. Metapulse - Digital Graveyard

SEGMENT III: Acid Star (runs approx: 02:46:00 to end) XXXI. Air Liquide - Negative Saucers
XXXII. Bathsh3ba - Twist
XXXIII. Green Velvet - Preacher Man
XXXIV. Burger Industries - Funk The Industry
XXXV. Silent Breed - Amazing Space Funk
XXXVI. Cari Lekebusch - Lost In The Fog
XXXV. Plasticman - Spaz
XXXVI. Rob Acid - Acid Train
XXXVII. DJ Pierre's Doomsday Project - Atom Bomb (Doomsday Mix)
XXXVIII. Jerzz - De Zuigende Zuigster
XXXIX. Prototype 909 - Bobbie Sox
XXXX. Andreas Kauffelt - The Final
XXXXI. Whodini - The Freaks Come Out (Jackal And Hyde Mix)
XXXXII. Dynamik Bass System - Arabian Dreams
XXXXIII. The Dexorcist - Access Code
XXXXIV. Metro LA - To A Nation Rockin (On A Long Journey)
XXXXV. Basco - The Beat Is Over
XXXXVI. Dirty Blonde and Dave The Drummer - The Ugly
XXXXVII. Terminator/Benelux - The Warrant

    Dance, Industrial, punk, Synth Pop, synthwave, newwave, Alternative Rock, indie pop, Indie Rock, BREAKS, Acid Techno, Ambient
    • Type: Podcast
    • 166 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • West Palm Beach, FL
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