A Darker Wave, the best in underground techno, tech house, deep house and anything else we like enough to play in the show, presented by Jacki-E and P-Mac.

The exclusive guest mix in the second hour is from Fabrizio D’Erasmo a.k.a Br0x who’s from Argentina. His sound is hard techno, rave techno and industrial techno. In 2015 he played a key role in “Small Room Cultura Techno,” an audiovisual podcast cycle promoting local underground techno artists, techno culture and event production, bringing to Argentina the Spanish DJ David Meiser in 2018.

Links for Br0x:-
Soundcloud:- soundcloud.com/br0x
In our mix in the first hour we have music from Indepth, Mha Iri, Gusttavo Luys, Nei Fidelis, Fiorella, Vladimir Dubyshkin and lots more.

If you like the tracks we play, please support the artists by buying their music.

1st hour.
A Darker Wave in the mix:-

  1. Jono Stephenson – Elixir (original mix) Dear Deer Recordings promo to be released 7th Sept 2020
  2. Erika Krall – Hipazon (original mix) Trip & Dream.
  3. Jerome Steam – Water Out (Grace Thompson remix) Ballroom Records.
  4. Chloe Martinez – Antebellum (original mix) Endurance Records
  5. Fiorella (Fr) – Physical (original mix) Wefine.
  6. Gusttavo Luys – Punch (original mix) Enter Music.
  7. Laurens Pagen – I Don’t Care (original mix) Free Download soundcloud.com/laurens-pagen/l...nt-care-free-dl
  8. Celec – Soul of Rage (original mix) Future Techno Records.
  9. Gerard H – Unknown Entity (original mix) Black Snake FMLY.
  10. Nei Fidelis – Let It Be (original mix) Nano Tech Records
  11. Stateline – Blame the Parents (original mix) Dead Groovy Deep.
  12. Shadow Complex – She Became Electricity (original mix) The Hiddens.
  13. Hans Delbruck – Torschlusspanik (Jim E Scavenger remix) Urban Chaos Records
  14. Mha Iri - Life is a Game (original mix) AnalyticTrail.
  15. Indepth – Come With Me (original mix) Prospect Records.
  16. Vladimir Dubyshkin – Driving the Bus (original mix) Trip.
  17. Less Distress – Caffeinated (original mix) COUP.
  18. Braal – A Monster Inside Me (original mix) The Hiddens.
  19. Michael Schumacher – Reflection (Jarvis Official remix) 212 Records UK promo to be released 4th Sept 2020.
  20. Indepth – Renegade (original mix) Autektone Records.

2nd hour.
Brr0x – An exclusive guest mix for A Darker Wave.

  1. Alan Oldham - We Need Our Weave (remix) UFO Inc.
  2. Shacke - Hard Feelings (original mix) Intrepid Skin.
  3. Don Woezik – Resurrection (original mix) 2249614 Records DK.
  4. Ansome - Snake Eyes (original mix) Perc Trax.
  5. Shlomo - Welcome Back Devil (original mix) UFO Inc.
  6. PLEXOS – POWER (original mix)
  7. Fraktur – Lovely (original mix) Special Dancefloor Forces.
  8. Rephate - Old Soul Rave (original mix) Mainmise Records.
  9. Hadone - Hateful Peepshow (original mix) Low Life Club.
  10. New Order - Blue Monday (Schranz edit) Gaza Strip Club.
  11. Chané - Sleeping Is Overrated (original mix) Under Division Records.
  12. Rephate - Portuguese Baguette (original mix) Rearguard.
  13. Osmo - Drug Addict (D.A.V.E. The Drummer remix) Scythe.
  14. Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss - Scums Like Us Like Acid (original mix) Corrosive.

A Darker Wave is produced for radio by Sergio Erridge.

For all things A Darker Wave:- adarkerwave.com

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