Roots style Dancehall vocals with harmonies
LYRICS ===-===-===
What this is... Meditation... Not to be confused with MEDICATION :o)
Lord We got to help you get your mind right. We're living in a world of confusion
Don't know who to help or who to hate, Who to love or who to fight, Or who to believe
I 'll tell you
Elevated consciousness rule my intellect
Already so no need to burn it down
True dem business war and pestilence
World of confusion
What they need right now is some

High Meditation (Repeat)
So help me send the VIBES 'round the world

For every closing door Jah Jah bring you more
So be ye not distressed, for indeed ye shall endure
Me seh righteous ever bless and the wicked Jah shall not abide....
Dem hypocrites identified

When the Righteous Heathen rages wisdom of the ages,
Stories told in books of gold and life adorns the pages

Rudie Cyaant Fail I tell you see it deh now we're rising
Success is more than just surviving


Bad Man ZULU... Give you.more than heart and soul with Riddim
Brand new chance at life, Here's to new beginnings

Interesting how all of the gifted ones dem shoulder the worst of curses.
Still the big wheel's turnin'
Blessed with the light it's more like the beast of burden

I heard this strange laugh coming like radio broadcast
"Help me get these chains off!"
Music Boss!?
You want your sins forgiven, and Senator! You want a pass?
If you seek out W-w-What?

RIGHT NOW Get some High Meditation
I said High Meditation

Produced By: Michael "Ras Amerlock" McCutcheon

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