Remix is the reworking or adaptation of an existing work. The remix may be subtle, or it may completely redefine how the work comes across. It may add elements from other works, but generally efforts are focused on creating an alternate version of the original. A mashup, on the other hand, involves the combination of two or more works that may be very different from one another.


BIg Up Yourself ;)

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Reconnaître ou toucher le Mystère, c’est un moment de grâce. L’essentiel, à ce niveau, c’est de l’accueillir et de lui faire la place.

play it share it kick it lick it post on it comment it participate on it destroy it download it remix it have sex on it use drugs on it be drunk on it fart on it shit on it do what ever you want but do it just do it you are free so are we power to the people free your body and feed your soul this is the sound of the culture i was born free and this is the way i see the futur and if there is no freedom there is no futur...

Toute reproduction telechargement participation exploitation sera considérée comme un soutien !

Free Culture Is The Future!!!

DJ SELYAN :a.k.a Alyens a.k.a Starmasters a.k.a Omazyr a.k.a Kuazar a.k.a KS17 a.k.a Racailles De France a.k.a Ajc ...

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