This month's exclusive guest session sonic delights from the man Paul Layden.. Enjoy!

Paul started off his musical life in north london,playing in various small bands as a bass player vocalist and lyricist before reigniting his love for dj'ing,returning to the decks sometime in 2007 eventually playing for Pirate stations Point Blank Fm london and Selectuk radio,london & most recently playing for Release fm in west london.

Paul played a weekly series of shows called "In Deep " on these stations and the series ran in its entirety for 10 years online and latterly played in the last 4-5 years on these stations.

Today Paul plays under the banner of " In Perspective" with paul layden) playing tracks that are chosen to be more left field, thought out & different to what you might hear on your everyday stations airwaves.

    5:20   Rr - 2
    11:20   Jon Sweetname - Crazy Woman
    18:00   Adam - Love
    24:00   Kristian Veron - Zoma Brot (Original Mix)
    35:00   Ray Taff - For You
    40:40   FLAVVIO - At Sea
    48:20   Brandub - S4 (Original Mix)
    53:00   AFAMoo - Respect
    54:40   AFAMoo - Respect - Fizzikx Remix

    Deep House
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