1. New Age-Addiction (Original Mix)[MAINSTAGE RECORDS]
  2. Metronome-The Manifested (Original Mix)[BLUE TUNES]
  3. Pop Art & Wilder-Each One (Original Mix)[BLUE TUNES]
  4. Hilight Tribe & Vini Vici feat. Jean Marie-Moyoni (Extended Mix)[SMASH THE HOUSE]
  5. Purple Haze-Bergen (Shinovi Extended Remix)[ARMIND]
  6. Querox & Monod-Shrouded (Original Mix)[PROG ON SYNDICATE]
  7. >>TRACK OF THE SHOW<< Hyperflow-Dream Reality (Original Mix)[BLUE TUNES]
  8. Gaudium & Ritmo-Don`t Lose Ur Mind (Original Mix)[IBOGA]
  9. Kiyoi & Eky with Andrew Manning-Mantra (Original Mix)[FLUX DELUX]
  10. Durs & Jilax-Conquer (Original Mix)[BLUE TUNES]
  11. Astrix-Artcore (Hi Profile Remix)[SHAMANIC TALES]
  12. Khardiac - Hi-Psy (Original Mix)[SPIN TWIST]
    Psy-Trance, New Age, MAINSTAGE RECORDS, Metronome, BLUE TUNES, Pop Art, Wilder, Hilight Tribe, Vini Vici, Jean Marie, SMASH THE HOUSE, Purple Haze, Shinovi, ARMIND, Querox & Monod, PROG ON SYNDICATE, Hyperflow, Gaudium & Ritmo, IBOGA, Kiyoi & Eky & Andrew Manning, FLUX DELUX, Durs & Jilax, Astrix, Hi Profile, SHAMANIC TALES, Khardiac, SPIN TWIST
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 139 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
    • Cologne, Deutschland
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