this is what i spent my teenage years listening to. This is what Dutch gabber was like back in the day and i feel that it is what made netherlands the capital of hardcore with aggressive samples and big phat kick drums this is what made dutch gabber stand out for me, producers like ruffneck, nosferatu, keng, wedlock,wax weasel,paul elstak, e-rick and tactic, buzzfuzz coma baby and groups like rotterdam terror corps and 25% of the dreamteam' paved the way for the artists of today.

Enjoy this set of slendid gabber and anyone old enough these tunes will mean alot to you as it has to me.

United in hardcore ,


    DJ Delirium buzz fuzz - Immortaility [thunderdome]
    25% Of The Dreamteam - Dreamteam Is Back [thunderdome]
    Confusion - [th]
    The Mindcrimers - Madman
    DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim - The Kamikaze
    Solid Base Pumpinfinity -
    DJ E Rick & Tactic Start To Move -
    Rotterdam Terror Corps - We're Gonna Blow Your Mind
    Rotterdam Terror Corp - Fear the sound
    Rotterdam Terror Corps - Schizophrenic
    Rotterdam Terror Corps - Are you Prepared to Die
    Rotterdam Terror Corps - Chaos On The Dancefloor
    Juggernaut - Beat go... boooom
    Keng - One step ahead
    Juggernaut - Ass off
    Nosferatu - No God to us
    Wedlock - I'm the fuck you man
    Wedlock vs Predator - Pump da vibe
    Keng - Infiltrator
    Comababy - It's called e
    Predator - Just real
    Pinhead - Underground
    Undercover Anarchist - Kingdom (frd rmx)
    Juggernaut - Xtc motherf... (dj gizmo rmx)
    Knightvision - In the darkness
    Cybernators - Not responsible
    Zerox - Pumpin'
    Predator - Mind of a lunatic
    Predator - We're coming down
    Predator - 1, 2, 3, 4
    Predator - Da only ones left
    Predator - Filled with power
    Juggernaut - Communism

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