The killings of unarmed black men. The killing of cops. The hatred we have for one another with no regard to how it affects those we know and love. When I look at how my black brothers and sisters are treated, my heart grieves. We're not perfect by any means, but we're definitely not less than human. Although I know it will be a while before the racial tension decreases in America, what hurts me the most is that many people are not able to sympathize with us in our pain.

This song is an outcry of that pain, and a call to come together.


C-Los (1st Verse)
Listen, if “All Lives Matters” to you, then sit down
Cause we know all lives ain’t being pinned down
I spoke to God and He told me don’t put that pen down
Cause there’s so many people who need to get it now
They said Alton had a gun in an open carry
Tamir was only 12, but seen as big and scary
John was on the phone talking to his baby
So tell me how they end up in a cemetery
We got a problem with one common denominator
We’re seen as pests and the cops think they’re exterminators
Yo I can only think of one thing so,
What is it about my skin that makes you hate us
The nation went crazy over a lion killer
And a gorilla drug a kid around like dead meat
When it comes to compassion, our reactions differ
Like it matters if his father was a dead beat
No I won’t act like I’ve got all of the answers
But there’s only one person who can cure this cancer
Seems like everyday that they out to get us
So don’t throw salt in our wounds, please cry with us

CHORUS Don’t you leave me now
I need you right here with me, here and now
We’re in this together now (4x)

MyzBeatz (2nd Verse)
Light up my phone as I'm walking on the sidewalk,
I read to black men were shot by two white cops.
Alton far away boy I wish it really hit me
but Filando back in my parents town, the twin cities!
A fear struck me that this could happen anywhere,
any time any place where there is hate.
It makes me think about my brothers and I'm burden by it!
They could be deemed as hostile cuz of there race!
It ain't fair, so I'm on my knees in prayer!
Gods the answer to this malice and He always will be.
Evil has no chance if we all stand together,
in the power of the Spirit we stand forever!
So let's pray for for ones who are wearing blue,
split second decisions they need His wisdom too.
And for my families on the other side that's been affected,
i wanna ease the pain, so let's stand connected!
And the glue is Jesus, He will purge the evil!
Let's unite in prayer, like a thread and needle.
Sew are hearts together so they won't separate!
Now let's picket and protest in the secret place.
Slay the devil with our words to stop the madness.
The master planner of the sniping down Dallas!
Raise The Lord high and be praying for our nation,
with God there's no limitations.

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