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I have always been passionate about music from a very young age. Music has always been there for me when nothing else was. I remember pretending that I was a DJ as a kid, which lead to me learning how to alter my radio, turn tables, etc. into a DJ setup! On my own I practiced scratching on old records and mixing music using tape recorders just doing what I love to do. As time went, I began to buy equipment such as Korg, Roland, and Traktor , building my knowledge creating beats on drum machines, synths, and eventually was able to add the Pioneer DJM 900 CDJ 2000 Nexus to my collection with the hopes of making it into the clubs performing for those who love to dance and shares the same passion of music that I do.

    4:20   Debonaire - Rock The Funky Beats
    9:40   Dynamik Bass System - She's Gotta Have It
    14:20   Eric Berretta - The Hotheadz- Move to the Boom
    17:20   Eric Berretta - R-Fresh and Infiniti- Reactivated
    21:20   Tony Faline - Operational
    35:20   Eric Berretta - Analog Powered Bass- The Flyby

    Breakbeat, Electro, Bass
    • Type: DJ-Set
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