Profile description of VDJ JD (V is for Video):

Joshua Duerksen (VDJ JD) the V is for video, growing up in California in the 90’s. JD’s musical influences range from Classic Rock and Country to Hip Hop and 90’s Dance. He has been quoted stating.

“Good music knows , no genre”

After completing his high school education, JD join the United States Navy serving his country for ten years. While stationed in Norfolk Virginia he met several DJ influences whom mentored him, and taught him the foundations of the different aspects of DJing. While not on deployment in the Navy he practiced improving his mixing skills and performance skills as a Club DJ, Mobile DJ, and Dive Bar DJ.

After choosing to not re-enlist in the Naval service, he moved to Idaho and opened a mobile disc jockey entertainment company. Providing DJ services to weddings, birthday parties, and school dances. He also continues to DJ and emcee several of the prominent night clubs in Boise Idaho area.

Cowgirls in Kuna

China Blue

Dirty Little Roddy’s

In 2009 he started working for XMiX DJ Music Pool as a video editor taking the great remixes and edits produced by the talented editors and producers at XMiX. Then reediting the music videos around the remix, making it easier for Video DJ’s to mix music videos. While in this role he honed his audio editing skills learning to build audio edits and remixes. JD's audio edits have been used in nationality syndicated country mix shows by DJ Silver, and DJ Cutt. His video edits built on his country "remixes" are used by 1000's of country night club DJ's arcoss the country and around the world any where, where country music is played.

    • 149 bpm
    • Key: Ebm
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