‘Rules That Won’t Be Broken’ sets the central theme for Requin’s upcoming album ‘Shark’. The title of the song is taken from a poem written by singer Fionn Richards that refers to the brittle barriers of safety that one often doesn’t realise are being taken for granted. The song (and album) speaks to the shock and subsequent ripple effects that occur when someone repeatedly crosses these assumed barriers. The notable, repeated chorus refrain, “I can’t be the same” serves a dual meaning - referring both to the subject’s desire to never be like their bully and their desire to learn to change so it does not happen again.


Well, it was nice to meet you
But it was such a displeasure to know you
All that you do, you do blindly without your guilt
And i can't help but feel scared as you hurt me

I can't be the same
I can’t be the same
I can’t be the same
I can’t be the same

There are traces of you in the smiles of faces I once wanted to know
You still seek me out beneath sheets, in homes, with friends, in the road
But I should have known better than to let someone like you
Burrow into me like a tic and suck out all that’s good
But you’ve brought joy into the lives of others
You’ve brought joy into the lives of others

They stand together now
With disbelief set in their brow
As you break the rules
That should not be broken
And they’ll leave you to do
To do what you need
So they too can enjoy
This perfumed sense of peace
Oh it’s hard to believe
How little I must mean
When you spent years, years
Cutting at my seams

I can’t be the same
I can’t be the same
But I am not built, no I am not built
To harbour your pain, to harbour my pain
When there is nothing, when there is no change
You have broken homes inside of my brain

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    art pop, math rock, math pop, Brisbane, post-rock, art rock, indie rock, indie
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 03/02/2020 1:37 PM
    • 93 bpm
    • Key: Db
    • © All rights reserved
    • Brisbane QLD, Australia
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