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Often times Sunday afternoon is the only time i have to practice and listen to music. I've decided to start recording and sharing these practice sessions partly for fun and partly as a audio log of the ebb and flow of my style.

I find it fascinating how the change in season often times coincides with a change in the sound I want to play. But no style is locked into a particular season. As i type this in the beginning of the summer I'm deeply saturated in a minimal techno sound , in previous years this was my "winter" choice.

Sunday sessions mixes are off the cuff, unplanned,and sometimes using newly purchased music I've never heard all the way through. So sometimes I screw up. In todays landscape of people using DAW software to release mixes and just the technology that enables our culture to do what it does I feel that the human element is ok in a casual practice session. I use two CDJ 900's and a DJM 900, thanks for checking it out.

    0:20   Rich NxT - Flux One
    13:20   Dayne S - In The Streets
    20:40   Gaiser - Chlorine
    23:20   miro pajic - Third Vision
    27:20   Antony Difrancesco - Level 3
    32:20   Seb Zito - Those People
    36:00   Pan-Pot - 808 Nirvana (Original Mix)
    45:40   Rino Cerrone - Rilis 09 A1
    56:00   Matador - Drifting (Oliver Huntemann Remix)
    58:00   Matador - Drifting
    1:14:00   Stephane Ghenacia - MamaJunk
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