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    Bittersweet Records Radio Hour 3 FEBRUARY 2016original

    Bittersweet Records Radio Hour 3 FEBRUARY 2016 by Bittersweet Records Radio Hour
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In this program -

Trouble For The Establishment - The Capistrano Birds
I've Been Waiting FOr You - CyTrexx Ft. Nadeem

Here We Go - David Miller
Little Big Man - The Jumpin Bones
I Still Love You - Anne Heaton

We're All Space Cadets - The Dropa Stone
Keep On Hollerin' Eastbound Jesus
Slow Hot Wind - Benjamin Herman ft. Daniel von Piekartz

Blood Red Sky - Freedom Hawk
It's Alright, I Feel It - Jocelyn Brown

    11:20   CyTreXX - Uluvme2 (feat. Justine)
    22:40   David Miller - Here We Go
    26:00   The Jumpin' Bones - Little Big Man
    30:00   Anne Heaton - I Still Love You
    46:00   Eastbound Jesus - Keep On Hollerin'
    50:20   Benjamin Herman - A Slow Hot Wind
    1:02:00   Freedom Hawk - Blood Red Sky
    1:06:40   Nuyorican Soul - It's Alright, I Feel It!
    1:11:00   Miles Davis - So What

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