Overlook: Spirits Moving Through the Walls [UVB-76]
clipping.: body & blood [Sub Pop] sample loop
Pact Infernal: Circle II [Lust] [Horo]
Death Grips: Artificial Death in the West (vocals) [Third Worlds] looped then w/ echo + delay
clipping.: body & blood (acapella) [Sub Pop] looped w/ echo then + delay
Ryuji Takeuchi: Anti Dividing Apparatus [Dissonanze]
Death Grips: Trash (vocals) [Third Worlds] looped and distorted because "we upload trash"
Torn: Onibi (with Sam KDC & Korse) [Samurai]
Brenecki + Kamikaze Space Programme: Karabash [Midnight Shift / Voitax]
Ye Gods: Sacrifice [L.I.E.S.]
Oscar Mulero: Cave (Tommy Four Seven remix) [Pole]
Hodge & Simo Cell: Drums from the West [Livity Sound]
Fjaak: Pray for Berlin [Monkeytown]
VSK: Kernel Panic [47]
Ansome: Kenneggy [PLS.UK]
Samot: Parallel Reality [House of Reptile]
Sectra: Dead on Arrival [DNO] looped then + modified + echo + distortion
Ayarcana: Humans as Weapons of Mass Destruction [Cluster Node]
VSK: First Evidence [47]
B.YHZZ: HOL [Infinite Machine]
Helicopterface: Curve (Madrid modular mix) [Acre Recordings]
Future Dynamics: Galaxys [Agnost1k]
Pinch & Mumdance: Strobe Light [Tectonic]
The Panacea: Walrus [Sonic Groove]
Kamikaze Space Programme: Sparks [Osiris Music UK]
A.D.C.: Conflict Catcher [X-Forces]
D'Arcangelo: AOM*2 [Eclectic]
R-Zone: Spike [R-Zone]
Umwelt: Conquest of Darkness [New Flesh]
Mogano: Naga [Voidance]
Baby T: Portra (Ancestral Voices remix) [Samurai]
Uncto: It (Ancient Methods remix) [Furanum]
Atsushi Izumi: Casaurius [Ohm Resistance]
Vermisst: Zerfall [Horo]
Cocktail Party Effect: I Feel Sick [Tectonic] (the cameras normalize behaviour remix by 0bleak)
Alexey Volkov: Spirals [Sacred Court]
Sam KDC: Dominion [Pi Electronics]
AQXDM: Ballad 002 [Bedouin]
Katran: BL-1 (ANFS remix) [Blame]
Sam KDC: Snake Pit [Horo]
Fret: Voodle Launch Attack [L.I.E.S.]
Broken English Club: Myths of Steel and Concrete [Death & Leisure]
OVoɘɿoolʞ ƧiqɿiɈƨ Nivomϱ Tʜɿoυϱʜ Ɉʜɘ Wɒllƨ VUઘ٢მ ɔυɈ ɒbn ɿɘvɘɿƨɘb

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